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A Skilled Environmental Law Attorney

Carol Lynn Green has more than thirty years of experience resolving tough environmental issues for her clients.


  • Expertise under federal and state CWA, RCRA, Superfund, and chemical regulation laws.
  • CWA Sections 402 and 404 and MS4 permits, with focus on storm water management, navigable waters, permitting, and wetlands.
  • Environmental issues in commercial settings, including :  ASTM E1527-05 and E1903-11 Phase I and II due diligence; assessment of environmental risks and liabilities; technical report analysis; design and negotiate environmental provisions with liability limitations.
  • Expertise in working with regulators and regulatory advocacy.


  • Conducted due diligence and assessed and resolved environmental liabilities in connection with the sale, development, compliance, and/or cleanup of a former textile plant in Connecticut; an electronics products plant in Massachusetts; a funeral home discharging to a septic system in New York; industrial properties in the District of Columbia; a brownfields property in Baltimore; a WMATA multi modal complex in Silver Spring; a gas manufacturing plant in Poland; a New York Superfund site, and TODs in Maryland.
  • Designed, implemented, and received EPA approval for company-wide audit covering over 1,000 company locations throughout the United States. EPA determined that violations detected were covered by agency audit-disclosure policy and assessed no penalties.
  • Developed advocacy programs for clients, including obtaining EPA’s clarification with regard to airline industry spill reporting obligations and implementing small business compliance program.
  • Special real estate counsel, under MDOT contract for past 6 years; dealt with environmental issues in TOD project development and construction.
  • Designed and negotiated contract for joint buyer-seller voluntary cleanup agreement for local transit agency acquiring rail maintenance yard.
  • Under contract to assist Maryland County secure EPA/MDE MS4 storm sewer permit.

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